About Us

We encourage anyone who desires a challenge, has a willingness to learn and an aim to better themselves to begin their martial arts journey now.

Our Approach



Our Chief Instructor has over 32 yrs of extensive experience in traditional martial arts and realistic self defence. Having studied, trained and lived in Japan on several occasions, Sensei has a conceptual and practical understanding of Japanese culture and philosophy. His extensive experience teaching martial arts allows students to learn at an accelerated pace, providing them with confidence in confronting self-defence situations. All other assistant teachers have been training for more than ten years and all have teaching and first aid qualifications.


Our Philosophy

People who continuously strive to better themselves founded ‘Koryu Shinjitsu-Ryu Karate-Do’. The values we promote are centred on courtesy, wisdom, patience, respect, humility and a willingness to help others. In our Dojo we encourage and nurture people to step out from their comfort zones, overcome fears and become exceptional human beings. We expect these people to become strong leaders and do their best to create a better society for all.


The Training

As a traditional Karate school, beginners’ training consists of learning traditional karate techniques including blocks, strikes and stances. Higher-grade students learn technical adaptations of techniques and receive training in tried and tested realistic, modern day applications, from other various martial arts including boxing, judo and aikido. We are a realistic style and always aim to provide a safe training environment.



Koryu Shinjitsu Ryu has partnerships with practitioners from the following organisations:

Seishinkan Iaido

 Active Release Therapy

Our Story