“At 13 years of age, I walked through the training hall door where Sensei was teaching. I am 30 now and still training under Sensei and feel very lucky that I walked through that door. I have had the opportunity to practice karate in Europe with some of the world’s strongest karate schools and can tell you that Sensei teaching’s are at a world-class level. Over the years I have gained many benefits such as the ability to defend myself, increased strength and stamina, improved reflexes, co-ordination and balance. But most importantly I have been taught proven success models which are relevant for both personal and professional areas of our lives. I highly recommend Sensei Brendan's Koryu Shinjitsu Ryu Karate.”

Boris Shneyder


“Since beginning at Koryu Shinjitsu-Ryu Karate-Do, I have not only become fitter and learned various self-defence applications, but I have also discovered the beauty of striving to perfect a traditional martial art with all of its technical complexities and intricate philosophies. Through my training I have become a positive, confidant disciplined individual who consistently perseveres to improve mentally, physically, and spiritually. Even after 10 years of training, I still leave each training session excited and inspired to go into the world and be better than I was yesterday.”

Simon Conyers


“I count myself very fortunate to be able to train in the positive and evolving environment that is Koryu Shinjitsu Ryu. On a physical level, the quality of instruction in martial arts is at a very high standard. Though, more importantly, the teaching of traditional values and emphasis on mental aspects of self-development is what makes Karate a special and central part of my life. All students support and challenge each other so we are always learning and growing as people. I look forward to each day with an energy and excitement that wouldn't be present if I was not training at Koryu Shinjitsu-Ryu Karate-Do.”

Ruby Murray

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